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      ERASMUVIE - ERASMUS FILM (For the academic year : 2014/2015)

      Description :
      SUPPORT THIS PROYECT ON KICKSTARTER:<br /> <br /> AYUDA A ESTE PROYECTO EN KICKSTARTER:<br /><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Me voy de Erasmus el año que viene a Italia y tengo en mente crear una película/documental para enseñarle la 'vida erasmus' al mundo. Las escenas del vídeo son de momentos del curso pasado.<br /> <br /> La magnífica canción de Adrian Groves y Eleazeta - #RussianRoulette:<br /> <br /> - English - Erasmuvie is going to be a movie/documentary that will happens during my next academic year (2015/2016) on Italy. I want to show the world what ''Erasmus life'' means. I really want to give rise this project because it is one of the first serious things that I'll be able to do. The scenes of the trailer part of this year.<br /> <br /> My name is

      Written in : Spanish
      City : Venice

      Author : Micail | Added the 2015-07-14

      Erasmus in Italia (For the academic year : 2013/2014)

      Description :
      Un blog despre viata de student Erasmus in Italia cu bune si cu rele.

      Written in : Romanian
      City : Benevento

      Author : thiseful | Added the 2014-05-27

      Amélie Amilan (For the academic year : 2014/2015)

      Description :
      Amoureux de l'Italie, de la gastronomie, ou à la recherche d'infos pratiques, ce site est pour vous!

      Written in : French
      City : Milan

      Author : amelievalentin | Added the 2014-03-25

      From Nantes to Italia (For the academic year : 2012/2013)

      Description :
      Périple tribulatoire d'un étudiant nantais pure souche, donc breton, au sein du pays le plus botté de l'Europe.<br />

      Written in : French
      City : Frosinone

      Author : Klem | Added the 2012-10-21

      Hotchpotch Hijabi in Italy (For the academic year : 2010/2011)

      Description :
      Erasmus is always going to be chaotic but it's good to be as prepared as possible so you can enjoy the randomness of it all. This blog offers advice on finding accommodation, university life on general Italian culture which would be useful for students coming to Italy.

      Written in : English
      City : Bologna

      Author : SaritaAgerman | Added the 2012-10-05

      Travel notebook (For the academic year : 2009/2010)

      Description :
      This is the blog I'm writting to share my erasmus experience in Rome. I talk about things I discover or things I've made. My aim is to show to others how erasmus is a good experience :)

      Written in : French
      City : Rome

      Author : Lucie | Added the 2012-02-11

      Emilia a Roma (For the academic year : 2007/2008)

      Description :
      Photos and comments of my unforgettable 5 months in erasmus in Rome... Words are not enough to describe such an experience!

      Written in : French
      City : Rome

      Author : Emilie | Added the 2009-03-02

      Cuibus - Tomorrow starts today (For the academic year : 2006/2007)

      Description :
      Cuibus - Tomorrow starts today!

      Written in : Romanian
      City : Cesena

      Author : Lucian Cuibus | Added the 2009-02-23

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